IMG_6754 (1)My name is Laure Wassen. I’m an urban planner and a long distance runner. Since I started running in 2014, I have ran several half marathons and three full marathons. I discovered my love for cities during my training for my first half marathon. My first race was a half marathon during the fall of my senior year of university. After spending three years in the same city, I realized that there were still places that I hadn’t explored, and discovered a new community in my fellow runners and our supporters throughout the course. Since then, I have been bitten by the running “bug” and have run several half marathons and three full marathons.

Now working for an environmental consulting firm in NYC within their urban planning group, I have the ability of viewing my training routes differently than when I trained for my first race.

This blog would be dedicated to running routes, training tips, and views of cities throughout my run. The aim is to connect runners to their cities and to create a community to share stories, training tips, and discovering our cities through running.

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