On the Other Side of the Race – Supporting a Friend or a Crowd

A cheering crowd and the funny running posters are always an amazing part of races, and make the races more fun!

Some of my favorite ones are :

  • Touch to Power Up (Mario Kart Mushroom or Star)
  • Hurry up, They’re Running Out Of Beer!
  • Remember You Paid For This!
  • That’s a Lot Of Work For A Free Banana!

In addition to high five from adults and kids alike, my favorite poster during a race has always been the “Touch to Power Up” poster with the Mario Kart mushroom. I was supporting my best friend through her first race ever and first half marathon (what a crazy one that one ;)) and decided to make my favorite poster and see if it was indeed a crowd pleaser or if I was alone in loving that poster. I am not a great artist but this was my poster, picture taken after the race (the mushroom kind of lost its color):

Runner Support Poster during Half Marathon

I posted myself at Mile 2, Mile 4, and Mile 10 with that poster, and the result was amazing. Between people screaming thank you, seeing people accelerating as they high-five’d the poster, and laughter, this poster is definitely a crowd pleaser (just make sure to be on the correct side of the road). As a runner, I know that a smile, laugh or chuckle always helps to get through the distance, but something tangible brings a little extra.

Reactions to the Poster at Mile 10

So if you are going to a race for supporting a friend, or just looking at the crowd, always remember to cheer everyone on. It’s super fun as a supporter, and makes a race more enjoyable for the runners!

If you’re voice is gone the next day, it means you succeeded in brighting up someone’s day!!!

Thank you to all of the supporters in the crowd (runners and people on the sidelines)!!!

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