Wedding Bells

This summer, I was a bridesmaid for my senior year college roommate. While in college she was my older friend, adopted big sister, and voice teacher. In addition to having our passion for music in common, we also had running. Whenever both of us were home, we would go for runs before getting grabbing coffee, or talk about running. After college, we would go for funs whenever we spent time together, wherever we went.

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 12.30.03 PM

Wedding Morning

The wedding was in Nova Scotia, Canada’s Ocean Playground, and a beautiful coastal Province. I couldn’t wait to go for a run and explore the area by foot. The night before the wedding, the bride and three of her bridesmaids (myself included) stayed together at the house where the couple was to stay after their day. All four of us are avid runners, and after a night of little sleep, the bride asked to go for a 5km run.The bride had barely slept and was so excited about what was to come for the day, but the stress of the day was also there. We all were barely awake but got our running shoes and running outfits out of our suitcases and got ready to get out the door.

5 KM Run

The run took us through the back of the Town where the wedding was set to take place. We were able to enjoy the beautiful and quiet scenery by the water, and greeted the occasional passersby by screaming “She’s getting married today”. Discussions were filled with laughter, and for about 30 minutes, the stress of the wedding day turned into the fun of the wedding day. Laughter followed us throughout the kilometers. For 30 minutes, we enjoyed each other’s company doing something that all four of us loved, something that made the endorphins flow, and made the day even better. Thanks to those 30 minutes, the bride was able to forget that she barely slept and could enjoy her day the way that she deserved to. The smiles on the pictures during the run, after the run, and during the whole day do not lie.

Benefits of a Pre-Morning Run Before a Big Event

  1. Spending time with friends
  2. Enjoying the place that you are in, even if you already know the place
  3. Getting the endorphins going
  4. Forgetting about the stress
  5. Looking forward to the big event


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